Horton & Horton Printing

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Basic Information


Horton and Horton Printing began in 1967 when Roger Horton & Winston Horton bought a 10 x 15 Multilith Printing Press from Central High School (for $750).


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Company Overview

Horton & Horton Printing has a distinctly human approach to the printing business.

Putting people before profits has been our focus, and the relationships we've built with customers and vendors alike have made us a stand-out in the industry.

Our relationship with paper vendors allows us to provide an amazing collection of beautiful, earth-friendly papers from across North America.

The local connections we've made in our community have helped us create a loyal following, as have our ability to keep promises and to consistently provide strikingly beautiful printing.

None of this would be possible, of course, without the people who work here. We call each other "team members" and are always focused on hiring and nurturing great people to serve you well.


To establish Horton & Horton Printing as the premier provider of the finest printing in our region, while maintaining our uncompromising principles of good service and community development.


Handcrafted offset and digital printing, as well as wide-format signage, marketing, and promotional services.


Brad Horton • brad@hortonandhorton.com